Adoption Doctors Services at a Glance. 

Domestic & International Adoption Medical Record Evaluations.

The doctors review medical records, pictures and video recordings of the prospective adoptive child. They help the parents to understand the medical complexities of their case, assign a risk category and help to educate them in regards to the clinical aspects of their adoption referral.  A medical report is created. The final component is the formal consultation with your Adoption Physician who will go over the entire report and answer any and all questions via Telemedicine platform.

Adoption Medical Checklist Consultation

You will connect via Zoom with an Adoption Physicician who willreview the checklist and help you to fillout this complex medical form. Yhey will explain what each diagnosisi is, and help you come to a determination as to what medical conditions you can and can not handel.

Ask the Adoption Doctor?

We have created a community where people can post their driving question and one of our professionals will answer them. These question will then be cataloged into the Medical Archives section for others to enjoy. 

Medical Library

We have a collection of Adoption Medical articles to help parents understand the complex issues that could be associated with their referrals.

OnLIne Video Education by our doctors to help the families understand topics and obtain educational credit for their adoption folder. Our classes are developed by Adoption Physicians, Social workers and Psychologists in the field. These adoption classes are created for Adoptive parents, and Adoption professional workers.

Adoption Doctors Virtual Medical School for Professionals.

Live Online Seminars:

Prescheduled events provided to organizations that want to certify many families at the same time. It can also be set up to certify organizations.

See past seminars on You Tube Channel and see past Webinars.